HEAVY SOUL: Soundtrack

* Charlie Megira, Israel’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend has contributed number of songs from his releases to Heavy Soul: ‘The Stakato Fever’, ‘Wall of Death’, ‘The Cootchie Mama Swingers’, Tomorrow Has Gone’ and ‘Golgatha Rock’.
Watch Dynamite Rock

* The Found Cats – Run On.
Through Mel Spinella of Golly Gee Reocrds, I got to Pete Ludovico, the singer of this Rockabilly band – Who was more than happy to take part in the film as Johnny B. Performing his band’s version of this old Gospel classic.
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* The Crystalaires – Brand New Girl in School
A great new Doo-Wop band from Germany. The song, which is available in the USA through Crow Records on the Doo-Wop comp “Hot ‘N’ Hip Harmony” was a perfect choice for the film’s opening scene.
The Crytalaires Official Website
Listen to Their Songs

* Biller & Horton – Whispering Palms
Courtesy of Vinylux Records, this is out of the album ‘Texotica’.
A Sample from the track.

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